“Shekhar was outstanding in the area of customer service. On many occasions he would go above and beyond what was expected and in most cases could repair items the manufacturer would no longer support. He truly delivers value in his work, his ethics and his products.” August 4, 2010
Top qualities: Great Results , Expert

–Randy Herndon, ASQ CQA, CCT, Senior Metrologist, Quality Supervisor, Pfizer Global Research & Development


Great service. You wont find this type of quality just anywhere. Responsible and accountable and someone who really stands behind the work that they do.

–Randy Herndon, ASQ CQA, CCT, Senior Metrologist, Quality Supervisor, Pfizer Global Research & Development–on Facebook


Accurate pipetting is crucial to every experiment in our laboratory.

We depend upon Ramsun Services to calibrate our pipettes so that we get reproducible and precise data every time.  They are fast to answer our calls and their reliable work makes them stand out among all other competitors.  In addition, their tiered rates for service save us hundreds of dollars every year.  Therefore, I would recommend Ramsun Services for quality pipette calibration.

Amrita Joshi, Ph.D.
Research Investigator
Univerisity of Michigan Medical School


In previous years, we had always used larger, well-known companies for our mail-in and on-site pipette calibrations and repairs.  Although we had no complaints about their quality, we experienced lengthy turnaround times for the mail-in service and high prices for the on-site services.  Because of this, the scientists were reluctant to have their pipettes routinely calibrated.  A co-worker suggested that we try Ramsun Services because they are a local company, and they also offered very competitive pricing.  I initially used Ramsun for their mail-in repair service. I was pleased with their quick response to my email inquiries and was pleasantly surprised to receive my repaired pipette back within the same week!  I recently had the privilege of working with Shekhar for our yearly on-site pipette calibrations and repairs.  He was extremely polite, professional, and very accommodating to our needs.  Shekhar serviced over 350 pipettes for the Institute, which was a much higher number than we originally anticipated.  I look forward to using Ramsun Services for all of our future pipette calibrations and repairs.

Jennifer Holtrop, Scientific Administrator

Van Andel Institute, Grand Rapids, MI

“Shekhar recently calibrated over 60 pipettes for my lab. His service and professionalism were top notch. His meticulous cleaning, calibrating, and labeling of the pipettes was much appreciated by all the lab members. Shekhar was recommended to me, as we are new to Wayne State, and I am very glad to pass along the recommendation. As long as we’re in Michigan, we’ll forever utilize Shekhar for pipette calibration. ”
-Nicholas Mastrandrea
Research Associate
Wayne State University
Via LinkedIn


Ramsun Service LLC represented by Shekhar Kakade is the best pipettes Calibration/Cleaning company around the University of Michigan campus.  Shekhar calibrate all types of pipettes including both manual and electrical single and multichannel pipettes and restores them to their optimal condition with reasonable fees.   His accuracy and efficiency are remarkable.   For our 38 pipettes including all types mentioned above, Shekhar spent about 6.5 hours for calibration, cleaning and replacing broken parts, charging $633.50.   His service made everybody in our lab happy and confident using the serviced pipettes in our critical assays.  We also appreciated his cheerful professional demeanor and will be relying as Ramsun for our future pipette servicing needs.  I would recommend Ramsun Service for everyone who needs pipettes service.

T. Komiyama, Ph.D.,

University Of Michigan

We have a very active research laboratory and Shekhar was quick and thorough and a joy to interact with.  We plan to utilize his services on a regular basis.  His pricing is the lowest for the best complete service on our used and abused Rainin pipettes.  I highly recommend RamSun Services and would be happy to chat with anyone at MSU about them.

Nicole Crisp
Research Assistant
Pharmacology & Toxicology
Michigan State University


We were very pleased with the service we received from Ramsun.  The service was beyond our expectations, with all pipettes cleaned and calibrated expertly for an extremely reasonable price.  Our technician was quite pleasant to work with and professional.  We will definitely use Ramsun in the future and give them our highest recommendation.

Cindy DeLoney-Marino, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biology

University of Southern Indiana, Department of Biology

Evansville, Indiana 47712



Shekhar did a wonderful job at calibrating our pipettes.  We have both Gilson and Eppendorf pipettes and he knew the particulars of both makers.  He stands by his work with a full one year “no questions asked” guarantee.  I do not think however, that we ever have to act upon that guarantee with this company. Ramsun is professional and reliable and more cost effective than sending the pipettes back to eppendorf, who charges approximately $35.00 per pipette.  It was a pleasure to work with Shekhar and I would recommend his services to anyone within the scientific community.

Michigan State University.  Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics.

United States Geological Survey


We have had Ramsun Services repair and calibrate our pipettes for two years now and we couldn’t be happier with our service.  Shekhar is always quick to schedule us and is accommodating to our sometimes hectic schedule.  There has never been a problem with one of our pipettes that he couldn’t handle.  I highly recommend Ramsun Services for their precision, detailed workmanship, and service.


The University of Toledo


My lab uses Ramsun  Services on a regular basis. We found Shekhar excellent with his job. He was always prompt in his response and showed up on the scheduled time.  He delivered the service we expected from him.
Once serviced by Shekhar, our pipettes never gave any problem. We trust Shekhar and the job that he performed for us.  I will recommend Shekhar to anybody who needs accurate pipettes.

Athar Ansari, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences

Wayne State University


I was quite pleased with the services that Ramsun provided. Shekhar was able to arrive the next day to service our pippetters. He was able to calibrate our 14 pippetters in a couple of hours and even fix several damaged ones. His rate and ability to perform the service on sight saved us both time and money. I am extremely satisfied with his work, and would choose him again.

Matt Nethercott

Dept. of Chemistry, Michigan State University

We have a small lab with pipettes (manual and electronic) from a variety of manufacturers. As Shekhar was responsible for maintaining the pipettes in my lab when I worked in big pharma, I did not hesitate to contact him to take care of the pipettes in my company. He came to our lab promptly at our agreed upon time (a huge convenience to us as the pipettes never had to be sent anywhere), performed the necessary maintenance/calibration on all of our pipettes, and was finished in under a few hours. Based on the combination of dependability/quality/convenience/price ,I would highly recommend Ramsun Services for all pipetting needs.

Bruce J. Auerbach

President, AlphaCore Pharma


We hired Ramsun Services to Service and Calibrate our pipettes. We are extremely happy we did so as all our pipettes looked, felt and worked like new after their service. The best thing was that it was done in our lab and there was no down time at all. Their charges were more than reasonable and like they promise, there were no hidden charges. The work was done quickly and efficiently, and they worked on different brands of pipettes. We specially liked their one-year no-questions asked warranty.   It was like a one-stop shop for our pipette service and calibration requirements.

I would recommend them any time.

–Sharada Vangipuram Ph.D.
Children’s Research Center of Michigan
Children’s Hospital of Michigan, 3901 Beaubien St., 3N73
Detroit MI-48201   Tel: 313-966-2846


Shekhar was extremely efficient and timely in his service and callibration of our pipettes. We had a pipette “morgue” of approximately 15 pipettors which I was convinced could not be “revived”. Shekhar not only repaired and calibrated the pipettes, they even felt and looked brand new! We will never have to buy a new pipettor! And the prices for repair (“revival”) cannot be beat. We plan on using Ramsun Services for all our pipette repair and calibration!

Amanda Korchnak
Research Technician
University of Toledo


Shekhar worked tirelessly on the cleaning, calibration and repair of our many pipettes for the whole day. He came  to our lab with a portable workstation composed of modern instrumentation to accomplish the job. He has a swift and efficient accuracy in his work. It made us realize once again the importance of accurate (and comfortable!) pipetting. Thank you, Shekhar, for a reasonably priced and professional service.


Wayne State University, School of Medicine


I would like to write a review for Mr. Shekhar Kakade.  He always does an excellent job with our pipette calibrations, no matter what company the pipettes are from since we have pipettes from a few different companies, and he is very knowledgeable about this work.  We really appreciate the one year warranty on his work, and he is very reliable and trustworthy.  He fits you into his schedule quickly and does not hesitate to come in and look at any potential problems on pipettes; he provides excellent customer service at great prices.  In addition to doing great work, he is very friendly.  We will continue to use his services and are very satisfied, and recommend him to everyone.

Thank you,

-Tahra Luther

Research Laboratory Specialist Associate

University of Michigan

7110 Comprehensive Cancer Center, Wicha lab


We chose Ramsun because another lab in our department has been using their service. For a price of one pipette, Shekhar calibrated all 13 pipettes in our lab and fixed two that have been lying in a drawer. Ramsun’s service is fast, convenient and reasonably priced. I would recommend it to anyone.

-Chloe Liu,

Michigan State University


After searching and getting quotes from multiple calibration companies, I found that Ramsun Services was the best deal. On top of being one of the least expensive companies, Ramsun Services included a longer warranty and better service for our pipettes. Shekhar was extremely helpful while servicing our pipettes and very enjoyable to interact with. He greatly exceeded our expectations. It is very obvious that he knows his stuff, and I would absolutely recommend his services to anyone! Our pipettes look and work fantasastic.


Michigan State University


Shekhar is warm and very pleasant to work with. It was a fast and simple process to have Shekhar come out to our lab. Another competitor that I contacted before Ramsun could not give me an exact date they could send someone out.
Shekhar however, worked around our schedule and his work quality exceeded expectations. Our pipettes left his hands clean and calibrated. This means that all old labels, stickers, and dirt were removed. The pipettes were all carefully calibrated using a weigh balance that Shekhar brought with him. He replaced all the O-rings and lubricated the internal parts so that every single pipette performed like-new. After all, in research, accurate and reproducible pipetting gives clean and dependable results.
I have peace of mind that if something happens to our pipettes, the one-year warranty will cover any repairs. Also, the discount Ramsun Services offers for servicing multiple pipettes saved us $126! I am extremely satisfied with the services Ramsun Services provided and I will trust them with all our pipette calibration work.

Hui-Lin Lee
Lab Manager
Dept of Neurology, University of Michigan


I would definitely recommend Ramsun Services to any laboratory. When we realized it was time for us to get our pipets looked over, we gave Shekhar a call and he showed up in our lab the next day! 12 of our pipets were over the one-year warranty by a week and Shekhar calibrated them free of charge. The rest of the pipets he fixed were priced very reasonably and we have been very satisified with the condition of our pipets after he has calibrated them.

S. Kim
Lab Manager
Department of Cell and Developmental Biology
University of Michigan


I was very happy with Ramsun’s prompt, on-site service of our single and multi-channel Rainin LTS pipettes.   Mr. Kakade was very thorough in cleaning and checking the calibration of our pipettes.   Our pipettes are working as well, or in some cases better than when they were new!   We experienced zero down time since he was able to process the pipettes when we weren’t using them.   Not only was he able to process all of our pipettes in a single day, but we saved about 20% on the cost compared to several other competitors we researched.   Add in the 1 year warranty, and we are very happy with the service we received.

Tim Tesmer
Rubicon Genomics, Ann Arbor , Michigan


Mr. Kakade is highly professional and his prices are very reasonable. Mr. Kakade is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him and will use him again in the future.
Zachary Huang, Associate Professor, Michigan State University ___________________________________________________________________________________________

It was first time for our lab to call Ramsun Service and I am 100% satisfied with it. The service fee is cheaper than other service companies ( We save a lot of money !). I also appreciate for the 1 year warranty. Shekhar is very professional and honest which is very important on this business. The way he did the service is exactly what we expected. I recommend Ramsun Services to other lab at Wayne State University.

Icksoo Lee, Ph.D.
Research Associate
Center for Molecular Medicine and Genetics
Wayne State University School of Medicine


Shekhar’s Services were outstanding. He is very Professional and backs his work with a one year warranty! I will definitely refer others to utilize his calibration services. He is a Michigan Man.

Michael Pressler, Laboratory Manager, Krebsbach Lab

University of Michigan, School of Dentistry,

Department of Biologic and Materials Science.


We used the services of Ramsun Services to calibrate all our pipettes- both single channel and multichannel. Sekhar is very skilled in pipette calibration and i found our pipettes all working excellently and smooth as
if we had a new set of pipettes. Most importantly they give a one year after service warranty for the calibration work they do. I am very happy with their services and would definitely recommend them.

— S. Abraham Ph.D.
Lab Manager
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Michigan


We are very pleased with the service Mr. Kakade provided to our lab.  It was easy to get the service date, did not need to have PO# before he came and price was also very good.    Mr. Kakade was very professional and will recommend him to anyone who needs to get pipettes cleaned, calibrated and repaired.

Asmita Vaishnav

Research assistant, Dept of Biochemistry, Wayne State University



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