Q 1: Do you service and calibrate the pipettes on-site or do we have to mail them in?

A 1: We do both. You can call us on-site or you can mail them in. Your choice.

Q 2: When do you come on-site to our campus? Are there fixed days?

A 2: We come on-site at YOUR convenience. Just call us to schedule for a day that is convenient to you and we will come on-site that day.

Q 3: Is there a minimum number of pipettes that we need to have to schedule on-site calibration?

A 3: No. We come out for even a single pipette. Though we definitely would appreciate your spreading the good word around, so that it helps us too.

Q 4: What brands of pipettes do you service/calibrate/repair?

A 4: We calibrate ALL brands and types of pipettes. Our service includes all manual single and multi-channel pipettes, all electronic single and multi-channel pipettes, pipet-aids, bottle-top dispensers and multi-drops used in High Throughput Screening.

Q 5: Are the charges different for on-site service and mail-in service?

A 5: YES. For on-site service, we have a 4 tiered system of pricing. For mail-in, we have a flat rate pricing.

Q 6: What are your prices for service and calibration?

A 6: For on-site service, the current pricing for Level 2 Service is:

–Over 40 pipettes—$12.00 per single channel pipette and $ 25.00 per multi-channel pipette

–20 to 39 pipettes—$13.50 per single channel pipette and $ 25.00 per multi-channel pipette

–5 to 19 pipettes—$ 14.25  per single channel pipette and $ 25.00 per multi-channel pipette

–1 to  4 pipettes—$15.00    per single channel pipette and $ 25.00 per multi-channel pipette

For Mail-in service, the current pricing is :

$ 12.00 per single channel pipette and $ 25.00 per multi-channel pipette.

ALL PIPET-AIDS are $ 25.00 each.

Q 7: If we mail in the pipettes for service, who pays the shipping?

A 7:  We pay one-way ground shipping if you have at least five pipettes. For over 20 pipettes, we would pay the entire shipping cost. You would have to call us and we would e-mail a prepaid shipping label for you.

Q 8: What is the turnaround time for mailed pipettes?

A 8: The turnaround time for mailed pipettes is 24 hours.

Q 9: What is included in your service? Do you charge extra for seals and O’rings?

A 9: Our service includes complete cleaning, inside and outside, Change of seal/O’ring and/or lubrication as applicable, Calibration to specifications and a Quality assurance certificate for the calibrated pipettes. Level one and two include one QA certificate for all pipettes calibrated, Levels three and four include a calibration and verification certificate for every pipette serviced.

Q 10: Are there charges for repairs?

A 10: There are no labor charges for repairs at the time of service. If any additional parts are required, there would be a charge for those. However, no parts are replaced without your prior consent.

Q 11: Do you come on-site with your own Test and Measurement equipment?

A 11: Yes, we bring our own Test & Measurement equipment.

Q 12: Is your Test & Measurement equipment calibrated?

A 12: Yes, our Test & Measurement equipment is calibrated by third party vendors to NI traceability/NIST standards on a periodic schedule.  Copies of these certificates are available on request for your records.

Q 13: What does your warranty include?

A 13: Our one-year, no-questions asked warranty includes complete labor and any parts that we may have replaced.

Q 14: How do we pay you? Do you require any purchase order in advance?

A 14: No. After the work is done to your satisfaction, you could issue us a P.O. or pay by any of the major credit cards.

Q 15: Do you give us any loaners when the pipettes are sent out to you?

A 15: Under special circumstances and if the volume is high, we would send out a set of pre-calibrated instruments. But this is only an exception, not the rule.

Q 16: What areas do you cover for mail-in service?

A 16: We cover all of the US.

Q 17: What method do you use to calibrate pipettes?

A 17: We use the Gravimetric method of calibration.

Q 18: Do you supply calibration certification documentation and how many points of calibration do you certify?

A 18: YES. Our levels three and four service certify post calibration and pre-and post calibration. Data is collected either at two volumes or three volumes, based on the customer’s requirements and our software can be totally adapted to that end.


Please call 1-888 RAMSUN-1 (726-7861) to schedule service in your lab or for Mail-in Service.

Please note our new fax number: (855) 726-7862 | (855) RAMSUN2